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Physically relocated

Hey folks, I know it's been a long time since I've posted but this is a pretty important status update.

We've moved to Atlanta, GA!


So, a few minutes I had this post mostly written and then my computer did this thing where the mouse has been sitting on a short link and some part of my hand lightly brushes the track pad causing the page to change. Then to make matters worse, the auto save feature at Dreamwidth is clearly not working as I had absolutely nothing from which to start the post again. Thanks, guys. To top of my frustration, Jeff asks “ Why don't you work in a text editing format?” as if it will fix the problem now of having lost an hour and a half's worth of writing. I love him, but this wasn't a moment to remind me that what I was doing wasn't working.


I'm a little grumpy, though the roasted and spatchcocked chicken should help some with that. As will, getting over the frustration and getting the damned thing written again. You will lose some details but the general gist will be the same.


So! Sunday! The room was freezing and we didn't sleep well so we were up fairly early. Kitchen chat included republican nonsense and ignorant statements. My sister is included here – letting her husband decide who she should vote for. What is this Stepford?


The rehearsal was at 2, we were only a little late getting everyone and everything out the door. Even so we were down two groomsmen, and we did a lot of hanging out waiting for someone to tell us what to do. This gave us time to play with one of the bridesmaids' two sons, one a toddler and the other only a month old, as well as time to be silly and have fun. Us girls get along fairly well, even though two of us don't have kids, and the only thing noticebly in common is my sister. One did get a White Collar reference early on and kept winning points from me and Jeff. Hot, confident, good with kids and horses. Yes, please! Apparently there has been interest between her and my brother but the distance is making things as 'just friends'. My sister teased them all night.


Dinner was Bob Evans...none of us had eaten very much that day and I chose something that was very good but wasn't very good for me. Oh well, it was a good time to hang out and enjoy my family. We don't get whole lot of time to do that now with everyone.


Sleep that night was interrupted by the room now being too warm from a heated fan which never turned off and was getting so hot as to make me very nervous and I eventually shut it off. Then the thunderstorms after everyone else eventually slunk in after hanging out and chatting. We were up early again, this time for showers and then out to the church.


We were late again – a Walmart stop for snacks and t-shirts for the boys. Mom was there and then we split up into the Moose lodge team and the flower team. Jeff and I went with Liz to go and pick out and make the bouquets for the wedding. Yep, day of. Nothing like last minute planning. But it was fairly calm and soothing. W hite and green hydrangeas, white tulips, white and green roses, white wax flowers and evergreen fronds.


Back to the church for hair and makeup. I got Liz's hair setting then passed her off to makeup. From there I worked on bridesmaids. The first was the hardest, with straight thick hair, and I got frustrated enough that I needed to leave and hide for a little bit. I came back calmer and ready to tackle the next girl. This one was much easier, the pretty one we had hung out much of the time. A messy chignon with the fronts twisted in. A style that works reasonably well with hair like hers and mine – wavy and light.

My hair and makeup was somewhat last minute but I did finish and get dressed in time to be in line.


The wedding itself was short and sweet, though heavily nazerine christian with the unity candle and god's hand in every aspect of how a marriage is supposed to work. I tried to keep a straight face, which meant that I probably looked like a very bored statue. The pictures took forever but eventually we made it to the reception hall where we ate chicken and noodles, lasagna, and other very basic but tasty foods that Liz's now mom in law made. We managed to snag the two bottles of champagne meant for the wedding party and drink quite a bit of it before the rest of the table noticed. I did make sure the new married couple got their glasses first. A good time was had dancing and having time with family, barring a slight creeper that I had to rescue another bridesmaid from, and Jeff's sister clearly not having a good time. The party was about an hour and a half longer than it needed to be but eventually we went back to the church, cleaned up, changed and drove home. I could tell Jeff was exhausted as he was beginning to hallucinate conversations and being generally goofy. We got home about 12:30 and were asleep by 1.

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Wedding Weekend madness

Monday my sister was married to her significant other of 2 and a half years. But first there was the bachelorette party. Saturday night Jeff and I drove down to Middletown to stay at her soon to be in law's place for the weekend. There was a lot to do before the wedding and it just made more sense to be down there to help since I was a bridesmaid and all. His parents are reasonably nice people, a littlie more right of center politically and religiously than Jeff and I, but somewhat accepting. His mother sees angels... which squicks me a bit in a way I have trouble describing. The belief is ok, but the evanglising conversation about angels I refused to have a part in.  They breed bloodhounds, and their current round was due on my sister's wedding day. The dog was huge, at least 12 pups and immediately took a liking to Jeff. Which is unusual  but cute, to watch him enjoy petting a dog that was clearly enjoying it.

But back to the fun part, Liz and I drove up to Dayton to the Masque, one of the more well known gay clubs downtown. We get there about 9:30 super early for the club scene just  about anywhere. Though it did mean we could snag a side of the stage/dance floor for the weekly Drag show that started at midnight. The other side of the stage was already peopled when we got there by what I think was a birthday party for a dapper young man who was a bit over dressed for the club in his freshly pressed pants, suit vest and tie. He was a nice looking Jewish boy there with his mother and friends. He was fiddling with his tie and enjoying the drag show. The emcee for the night was Sinthia D. Meanor - looking at their facebook - she is a regular and I  can see why. She has a good stage presence and can keep a crowd going for more. Her first set was "Hey Big Spender!" from Sweet Charity. She made a comment about bachelorette parties coming to see drag shows and how she didn't understand why we would want to watch guys playing at being girls and why not go watch boys strip. My first thought was " You put on a damn good show that I want to see", and " We have boys wave their dicks at us all the time and we're expected to a. enjoy it and b. act like we don't/are shy. I far prefer watching people enjoy what they are doing, make a good show of it and I can show my appreciation with out there being any expectation of reward. The next was Daray Lorez who performed mostly pop songs that I am not going to remember. She was good, and upbeat but not going to remember.  Third was the most exciting, Dee Ranged - Miss Universal ShowQueen and Former National Entertain Of the Year. Her three songs were the most well thought out and executed numbers - though man, the prep work. First song was Bohemian Rhapsody dressed as Edward Scissorhands. Makeup and costume was awesome, stilted movement and expression was very good. Second was a set of duets - I had the time of my life (from Dirty Dancing) and Summer Loving (from Grease). Here, she was dressed half in a Greaser's black leather jacket and jeans, and half in a womens short cocktail dress. Hair and makeup was also split down the middle, so that as the song went from male to female she would switch sides. Beautifully timed.  Her third song was clearly unimportant because she was dressed as the Mad Hatter from the newest Alice in Wonderland. Miss Ohio AAG Niomi Onassis was the final lady for the evening and even managed to drag my sister up on stage during her last song for a complimentary lap dance.

The music was great, good dance beats, songs that I even knew. I even danced and enjoyed myself , though being in heels meant my dance sets weren't long. I am so not used to heels anymore and I like it that way. The crowd was heavily mixed, which makes sense for a Saturday night at a gay club. They get to be a place where straight people go so they can dance without social pressure of hooking up - which can be somewhat detrimental to the club as people migrate over so do the people they are trying to not hook up with eventually follow. We had a couple of creepers late in the evening but they weren't overtly pushy and disappeared to find drunker prey when they discovered we weren't going to play.

We left the club after the last show set, dropped off another Bridesmaid at her home in Fairborn and - since I hadn't eaten in 6 hours - stopped by a McDonalds on our way home. Did you know they started serving breakfast at 3? It was news to me. We drove back to the house and it took some time for me to wind down - a couple of Bahama Mamas and a shot of tequila, then the soda and food and drive back. My sister - when tipsy - talks even more than she normally does. But it was a good time, hanging out with out having to do a whole lot of actual talking or being anyone other than me. Plus my officer's coat got some good looks as I walked out of the club.

OK, it's late. Sunday and Monday will have to happen later.

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And that"s Okay. This is long. Good LuckCollapse )
So there we are.....I'm fairly certain I have ADD, my husband  and my mom agree with me. Now, because of the stress of the holidays and my sister's wedding, the weather being very strange....it's gotten out of hand. I'm not accomplishing much at home or at work. I'm exhausted all day and not sleeping well - I hate seeing 4:30 for who knows how many nights in a row. I fall asleep - generally around 11:30 - 12 sometimes later but toss and turn and like clockwork wake up at 4:30 overheating even with our apartment set at about 72/73. I get cold sitting in the living room and our bedroom is much colder being the outside two brick and concrete walls. Pyr suggests trying to treat the depression and the ADD should settle down and my coping skills should kick back in. We go to the doctor tomorrow for our physicals so I should have a more clear plan of action after that. This entry was originally posted at http://textileowl.dreamwidth.org/118163.html. Please comment there using OpenID.
The last couple of days have been rough.

Let's start with the dress. My sister is getting married on the 23rd. She says I am in the wedding party and that the color of the dress should be Kelly green and it should be floor length. Being the ambitious dressmaker that I am, I design a dress that would work reasonably well for me, accent her wedding dress (which we are also making) and meet her requirements. Well, this is where it gets tricky. I look high and low for decent green fabric months before the wedding while I'm doing the same searches for decent silk for hers. I find silk through Jacquard products that will work just fine in the white for her dress. The fashion world continues to disappoint me by not having any decent greens. So the next logical step for us is to dye it, right? Of course it is! Which didn't turn out too bad, the color is pretty even and a fair approximation of the shade they promised. It however does not match the Kelly green that is required for my sister's wedding. It's lighter in tone and even through an overdying in a darker green, it defies me.

My sister, being the passive aggressive person she is, said only that it was too light when I asked, not that it would definitely not work for the wedding, and somewhat implied that it was still up to me what I did. Until the day of her fitting, where finally after my own agonizing over the color to the point where I was so frustrated with myself I was yelling at Pyr over little crap, I asked her flat out if the color was ok and she conceded that it was unacceptable.

So I get to buy a dress. I feel like a failure when these things happen. It's now under three weeks before the wedding and I am now the woman I hated when I worked at David's Bridal. The woman who shows up at the last minute looking for  a specific dress.  At least I know I can do any alterations on my own.

Argh, this whole fiasco also brings up the fact that I have ADD/depression that is untreated and undiagnosed. The stress of the holidays and Pyr's sister's issues with her currently kicked out husband, and work have eroded any of the coping skills I've figured out. It doesn't help that work is slow in shipping, but office stuff in general is pretty busy. We are closer than ever to moving, although in a Zeno's paradox sort of way. I don't think I will believe we are moving until we are in the new place and everything works in the way it is supposed to.
There has been organization in preparation of moving, which means I have to relearn where things are in my office, even though I know it will be useful for everything to have it's place - the fact that it took three days to do it wears on a person. Today was quiet and just me in my room so I had some needed down time.

Back to the ADD/depression thing, I want to list the symptoms and work my way through them so  I have them a little clearer. I have a physical on Monday and I want to talk to my doctor about maybe something to help deal with the depression to get the ADD back under control. And as I look at the symptom list, and the fact that I want to go through the childhood stuff too.... I'm gonna do it as another post,k?

Also! Dropped my phone in the toilet this morning so it is currently getting a rice facial. Since a soak implies water and that is what got us in this place in the first place. I'm optimistic, it was still working when I fished out and then promptly shut it down. I put it in our drying room, and then managed to bump the power button when I picked it up at one point. Then I couldn't get it to shut off but all it was doing was spinny marker of doom. I had to take it apart to get it to shut off. That was far easier than everyone makes it out to be. So I took it apart, wrapped in paper towels in a ziploc for transport until I could get home. I'm making myself leave it in there until Saturday morning.

Hopefully there will be progress to announce then.

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In response to a letter

I'm sorry I haven't been writing to the extent that you are expecting me to or that it shows little of what's going on in my head. I don't know what you would like to hear about. "Just write" doesn't necessarily make me want to spill my guts, as you can see it will frequently cause the opposite reaction to a rousing success.

You say can't see me growing, but at the same time I'm having trouble even understanding your emails and what you are looking for when you read mine. It feels, sometimes like the beginning and end of the conversations are in someone else's letter.

It's always been difficult to open up, people don't really make it easy to trust them unless I have a lot of time to be around them, and even then the initiative has to be theirs. I moved through a lot of schools early on and learning that made things easier. In grade school, if you said something to someone about liking someone else it quickly went around the classroom. Even if you didn't, something was said and you couldn't deny it because everyone knew so it must be true. Besides, girls aren't as important so if something is wrong or they act a little strange well - they're just shy/sensitive/etc. Pick whichever buzz word you would like.

My sister hasn't helped in that regard, always louder and more chatty even if it was absolute junk. Always talking about and anything except the truth. After all if I can't trust my sister, who can I trust? And that wraps into the stress about the wedding and the dresses. It feels like the world conspires to make certain that every project is just behind enough to triple the amount of stress. Between Pyr not being able to cut out my sister's at work because that place has been a madhouse for the last month and the green dress for me not being the correct shade at all because it seems that satin is fully saturated with dye, I kinda want to shake my sister for making this wedding be such a stressor for Pyr and I. For asking us to make her dress and for me to be me and decide that a David's Bridal dress isn't good enough.

Ugh, at the end of a sentence and don't know what to write or where to go next... must be time to look at something else for a minute. It's funny how someone can get all the way through grade school, high school and college without getting anywhere close to a ADD diagnosis. And at the same time, my head says well Jess, that's because when you don't attach hyperactivity to that, and you aren't a loud, disruptive child who likes to read and are smart enough that you were reading because you were ahead of everyone else - well the school was lucky enough to catch that and get you to a place that made you think harder and differently once a week. And compared to my sister, I'm not sure any one would have noticed.

Well, it's near dinner time and I'm going to need the drive to get calmed down from writing this all out I'm sure. There will be roasted duck at the White's house with a large helping of Pyr's sister pouring over every little move her husband has done in the past 9 months, and every little word from the therapist. I'm getting somewhat tired of it because she manages to talk herself into such a paranoia that even mine looks healthy in comparision - though I am fairly certain they have very similar roots. She grew up with the same kids all through school so her trust issues are far more localized.

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Edit: This took a while to read since work was busy and there was the whole New Year's thing in between. Here it is,  not necessarily the same thing I was going to write before, but it's is what came out today.

This will probably be long and rambling, as I read this yesterday and saw lots of parallels to my relationship to Pyr, his to Drgn, and mine to Drgn as well. I may not fall on the spectrum as heavily as either of them but the same pitfalls mark areas in which there needs to be work.

Now, I'm not necessarily considered to have Asperger's, I exhibit similar traits but don't actually have enough or severely enough to be considered Aspie. For a visual reference, here is Pyr's test from 2007 when we were first discovering what having Asperger's meant. Here is my test from this morning, since I can't find the one I took at the same time. The earlier one was more centrist, bumping out at communication like it does on the new one.

Things in italics are from the above article.

From the beginning, their physical relationship was governed by the peculiar ways their respective brains processed sensory messages. Like many people with autism, each had uncomfortable sensitivities to types of touch or texture, and they came in different combinations.

Pyr prefers a touch that is firm and sustained, it took me a long time to figure out that that is why he moves away at night if my foot or hand brushes up against him. I still have to remind myself of that, and it is not something that is reflecting on me or our relationship.
To him, kissing felt like what it was, he told her: mashing your face against someone else’s. Neither did he like the sweaty feeling of hand-holding, a sensation that seemed to dominate all others whenever they tried it.

On the other side, this is pretty close to how I feel physically when being in an intimate situation with DRGN. Normally, I like kissing and being affectionate, but for whatever reason with her I have a harder time with these.

Girls with the condition, one theory went, were overlooked because their shyness was tolerated more and “mother hen” friends might shield them from the worst social isolation, as had happened to Kirsten

Yes, this. Looking at my own childhood, I don't wonder if I wouldn't have tested more for having Aspergers when I was much younger than I do now. I was a much less social person, spending most of my time reading - sometimes very specific subjects when I was younger - Greek myths, world myths in general, dinosaurs, Mayans, Egyptian archaeology etc.

“Parents always ask, ‘Who would like to marry my kid? They’re so weird,’ ” she said. “But, like, another weird person, that’s who.”

I love this quote. It's completely the thing everyone of us needs to hear. Being weird isn't a bad thing, finding someone like you isn't difficult. You just need to accept who you are and who they are and how you interact together.

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6/30 - Kickstart is getting a jump...

Otherwise known as I really fail at putting things into words for more than about a day in a row.

It's the Monday before Thanksgiving. This weekend was spent on dressmaking and family gatherings. The dress still needs patterning on the bottom half, and we went to bed ridiculously early yesterday.

Pyr's sister is making the rest of the family stress out in various ways and I wonder how long it will be until one of them tries to snap some sense into her. Fixing her husband isn't going to make things better, most likely it will just make things look better for awhile before the whole thing explodes again.

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This week has been sorta rough. My sister in law discovered her husband has been cheating on her. He's depressed and has been a very different person than the one most of us have known since they've been married. Thankfully, in the last couple of days, there has been a recognition of the problems and they are going to try and figure things out.

I've had a bunch of different emotions about the whole mess. One, disappointment in him - that he couldn't see past his own issues to communicate them before he went to far. Two - A small teensy bit of  schadenfreude when I compare their relationship tp mine and the differences that were so abhorrent to my sister in law - being poly and open with our communication - have actually stood up to their scrutiny, and now hypocrisy from her husband - who could barely be in the same room with us and our girlfriend and be civil.

It' sounds like he has a lot of growing up to do, and if he needs to do it by himself or with his wife has yet to be determined. But thankfully, my sister-in-law may yet regain some of the relationship with us that she lost by pushing us away with her ideals and demands on who we should be. Pyralis, I think, is hoping this will happen, as not being as close with his sister has made things a bit rough and even I remember that she is a cool and fun person underneath the mask she thinks she requires to be normal.

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Kickstart 3/30 Hooping

I bought a hoop in September. You know, one of those brightly colored plastic rings that you could buy when we were little. Of course, this one is more me-sized, coming right to my navel and a little on the small side for beginners apparently. But it's bright blue, green and dark blue and a lot of fun to play with, even if I feel like a big dork.

So far, a lot of my hooping has been private and in short bursts, either outside when it's been nice, or inside and in cramped spaced below the ceiling and beside the futons. The cats are suspicious of the flying tubing.

I've been combing through the youtube videos and the online communities of hooping.org and hoopcity.ca. Both are wonderful sites that have an insane amount of information. There are so many different styles of hooping, and it all depends on how your body moves and what you want it to look like.

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Kickstart 3/30 A book meme

What have you just read?

 I just finished up  The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch. It was a lovely piece of confidence work that envelopes an entire city. I can't wait to read the next one, and for the planned 5 more to be written.

What are you reading now?

Shards of Honor by Lois Mcmaster Bujold. This is a reread since I finally convinced Jeff to read the Vorkosigan series. I now have to remember what happens.

Do you have any idea what you'll read when you're done with that?

Probably Warrior's Apprentice which is the next in that series and is a pretty quick read. The pile of library books continues to grow even if  I keep reading.

What's the worst thing you were ever forced to read?

I've never really been forced to read anything, except for maybe in school but even then most of it was enjoyed, either for the content or the writing style. Yes, I even enjoyed Charles Dickens... I was that kid.

What's one book you always recommend to just about anyone?

Right now, Feed by Mira Grant.

Admit it, sadly the librarians at your library know you on a first name basis, don't they?

Yes, but they were my friends before they were my librarians...

Is there a book you absolutely love, but for some reason, people never think it sounds interesting, or maybe they read it and don't like it at all?

I know some of my friends don't like Seanan's series, but that's ok.

Do you read books while you eat?


While you listen to music?


While you're on the computer?

If the book is on the compuer, if not then I will use the internet as a way to give myself a break from the story

When you were little did other children tease you about your reading habits?

Oh yeah, but when you are the first to read everything in the kindergarten class, having kids tease you doesn't stop you from reading.

What's the last thing you stayed up half the night reading because it was so good you couldn't put it down?

Deadline by Mira Grant, I think

Have any books made you cry?

Lots, Gayle Greeno hit the cat- owner nerve, Mira Grant , more than I can remember right now.

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1. Four weddings! 1 dress made for myself - it is now too big. *sigh* Pictures at some point, none of the candids were flattering.

2. I bought a commuter bike! I began biking to work 2-3 days a week in June and stopped in late September. 26 miles round trip and you can see why the dress I made was too big very soon. I lost several inches of body but not much weight. The hope is to start back up in the spring after acquiring cooler weather gear and continue the exercise farther into next fall.

3. Over Labor Day weekend, we were in Cincinnati for the History Museum and Fireworks at the Levy. The museum was awesome, the fireworks were awesome. The downpour in between the two for hours was not. We were completely soaked and freezing by the time the fireworks actually happened. Thankfully the drive home warmed us up.

4. The worst part of that weekend was my uncle dying suddenly and rather unexpectedly. Well, we knew he was sick - he'd been in the hospital for several weeks dealing with a gastrointestinal tumor that cropped up in the last year. The problem was that he hadn't realized quite how bad things had gotten, I think. My mom has been hit hard by this, and my grandma, all of us really. There hasn't been a major death on that side of the family since my great-grandma Brubaker died when I was really young 4 or 5, I think or a little older. And to have it be the younger son and so well loved in the community and family. I think we are all mourning still and will be for a while.

5.The last weekend in September was the Earth Warriors Festival out in southcentral Ohio, only about 30 minutes away from my major childhood home. This is a pagan festival that centers around warrior aspects, but could be beneficial, I believe to almost any pagan. It was an enjoyable weekend even if it was rainy and cold most of the time. The people who introduced us to the festival swore up and down that this was the coldest and wettest it had ever been in the 5 year history of the festival. That I had fun and will again is a testament to how welcoming the entire group had been. Some of the more metaphysical workshops and ritual got the skeptical eyebrow, but I learned from them so it was a worthwhile experience. I am far more a hedgewitch than a high ritual person...heck, cleaning the house is about as ritualistic as I get. I hope to get to go again, though it's the same weekend as the National Bookfest and I got some hell for taking that weekend off as a holiday. By all accounts, it was a trip from hell so I'm really glad I didn't go this year even if it meant giving up that event pay.

6. We saw a lot of Cincinnati this fall. Jeff's girlfriend moved back home when her lease in Columbus was up and because she joined the Peace Corp and was leaving in October, we spent a bunch of weekends down there hanging out and getting her ready for 2 years in Lesotho. One weekend was her going away party and then a tour of Over the Rhine and the buildings that were in the works to be restored in order to keep that history alive. The tour was really cool, involving a building that housed an indoor biergarten and several other theatres, an underground beer storage facility that had been forgotten until a couple of years ago, and a couple of tenement houses. The whole tour was pretty much a bid for money to help restore the neighborhood and hopefully it does help since there hasn't been much renovation since it was abandoned by the Germans in the 30's. It makes me really sad I don't have 10 million dollars to renovate the biergarten place, the imaginings we had for that place.

7. So the Peace Corp...She left on the 12th of October, we were there to see her off. I hope she's enjoying it and having a whole lot of learning experiences because it took us a whole lot of effort to get her ready for living in Africa for two years. First it was getting all the things she would need, and convincing her and her parents that yes she really needed those things, including a good sleeping bag, a good coat, and shoes. Then it was dealing with her parents who sort of treated the whole decision like it was a week overnight camp and that she might call one day in tears demanding to come home. It was a mess. We know she made it safely there but probably won't hear from her until January. If then.

8. The latest event was Halloween, which frankly was far more important to Jeff than it was to me. Which is ok, I didn't even know what I was dressing as until the day of. But the party was a lot of fun and it meant I got to see a lot of people that I hadn't seen in ages and am likely to not see again for a while. Darn real lives, jobs and busy schedules.

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Umm... Hi. 1/30 to jumpstart my poor blog

You know, I think part of my hesitation to blog has been simply not being able to think clearly enough to put ideas, thoughts, and feelings on paper. So to speak. As someone who used to think of herself as a writer, who once thought about becoming a writer, this is something of a self-perpetuating spiral. It hurts and so it doesn't get done.

SO here we are, just after Samhain and into what I consider the sleeping New Year. Winter is when the world is not as active, slumbering in the cold and damp, just waiting for those sunny warmer days of wakening spring, I've decided to push myself into posting more, writing more about how I feel and why I feel. It may not make a whole lot of sense outside of my head, but at least it will be visible.

The goal here is to post everyday, either a meme or something from my life. I'm three days behind the beginning of November so there may be more than one post a day.

Also, if you are using Dreamwidth more than Livejournal - since I know there's been some shifting over there this summer and fall, please friend me there as well the username is the same.

Jun. 1st, 2011

It appears I still suck at posting.

Life has been busy enough that it is hard work enough to keep up with my friends' list.

Let's see, and try to break things down into a couple of categories

Work - White House Easter Egg Roll was insane and hot. I survived.  We will be moving later in the summer finally, since our new landlord wants to raise our rent. Thanks to the appropriate deities that my bosses are convinced that we won't go bankrupt doing so, since just today I hauled a six foot long costume crate up the stairs. I never want to see stairs in our office building again.  Also, now that the costume premiered, I built a dinosaur! Well, revamped an old design. And it still needs a lot of work but wow was it a study in how frustrating non-design minds can be. We couldn't get an executive decision to save our lives.

Social life - Jeff and I have been actively working this up more. Between Jeff's participation in Godspell and in the Magpies, we've had a busy spring that is turning into a whirlwind summer with 4 weddings ( one has passed and was beautiful). Memorial Day  was party central all afternooon but it was awesome. We've been going to ADF high days which have been really enjoyable and fulfilling in ways Christian church never had been for me. I don't have any need to go follow the druid path, attending is enough while I ponder how and why I worship the way I do.

Sewing - I've been working on a summer party dress. It's about half done construction-wise and then we need to dye it. Hopefully it will turn out fantastically.

Reading - Deadline!! In my purse! More coherency shall not commence until after I've finished reading. Stay tuned.

Feb. 18th, 2011

Ummm...Happy New Year?

So it's been roughly three months here in the real world, and I've been busy enough to think about posting and never getting around to it.

Here's what happened in no sense of order or importance.

The holidays went relatively smoothly. Yay for little drama.

January was a blur. Jeff and I got sick from the passed around colds and such at Madrigal. Halfway through recovering, I went to DC for work for 12 days which was hell. We were understaffed and there for twelve days. But it meant I paid off my credit card! 

In the meantime, Jeff was so sick he was out of work for a week and had a CT scan. We now know the root cause of all his sinus issues: a deviated septum and a growth that mostly likely was caused by allergies. He goes to a ENT on Thursday so we will have more information shortly.

Erzuli's mass from September never really went away and was in fact growing, so back to the vet last week where we received confirmation of what we feared in the fall. It's a mast cell tumor which while surgery and chemo is recommended, the vets can only guess at about 18 months of extended life. It will be much easier on all of us to simply wait out the time we have. She doesn't appear to be in pain and continues to be her normal reclusive and  grumpy self, so until this changes, we continue life as usual.

Dentist appointment this week was just for cleaning and nothing else! Well, they put in for a nightguard but I've been told I have the molars of a 50 year old from all the grinding and having the headaches go away would be nice. We're just waiting to hear back from the insurance company.

Projects upcoming include:
        Finishing the 1780's gown - gather skirt, sleeves and edge finishes
        Mock-up of Jeff's pants
        Mock-up of my stripey zouave pants
        Designs for sister's wedding dress (our gift to her - wedding is in Jan)
        Design/Mock-up my dress for skylarks wedding - will be used to test out a back design for wedding dress
        Possibly pattern jumps and gown for Hidden Dirk - still waiting for measurements and confirmation
        Finish knitting fingerless gloves - would be awesome to at least finish one of the two by March...

Proof of finished stays

proof they"re working

The larger versions and the rest of the photos can be seen following that link. I'm pretty happy with them, even though they may not fit as perfectly as they could. I'm currently working on losing weight slowly but surely and would like them to fit for more than a couple of months. So hence the wide lacing.

As I was working on this I did discover why front lacing doesn't work for the late eighteenth century silhouette, or at least on my body. Front lacing squishes everything up and kinda sideways, while back lacing cups everything up and together without too much separation.

Also discovered that my right hip is slightly higher than the left, just enough to cause the point just above the place where the tabs split to pinch at the hipbone. That may also change as I continue to work out and lose some flesh there.

I meant to get measurements while in the stays but got distracted... Next time. I have the neckline to hem on the shift and then I will be done with that as well.

Things to do this weekend

This weekend actually looks like it is going to be relatively quiet, other than Jeff working on Saturday which is fairly normal. His gf is home for the holiday which means I might actually see him for most of the weekend. So I'm going to try and be productive rather than a lump.  No going back to sleep when Jeff leaves for work this weekend!

  • Figure out Saturday dinner- there's broccoli and loads of meat to choose from.
  •  Make shift for 1780's
  • Take pictures of stays, on and off body
  • start patterning Anglaise - get to mock-up on bodice?
  • sketches of "current season" custom gowns for HDM
  • post pictures
  • create next weeks dinner/grocery list ( i hear there are now soy versions of whipped cream!)
  • clean the apartment
  • laundry - put away last weeks
  • create fitted bottom sheets out of top sheets
  • design cabinet to go under cutting table
It looks like a lot, and I probably won't get all of it done but the goal is to get most of it done. Hopefully it happens!
And then when I open this window, I feel like very little is actually worth posting. Anyway, work and life continue apace. 

Work has slowed considerably since October, I've been catching up on repairs and keeping track of local costumes than anything else. It's made work less hectic, but there may be a big wrench thrown in beginning in January. I'll have more news on that once I have more news.

I finished the 1780's stays in November, they look fantastic and I need photos but I also need a shift before photos. It shouldn't take long but I worked on a small pillow commission and I started a new knitting project. So I've been distracted a little.

There is a mid-January event in Jackson that we might try to go to, so I'm trying to figure out if I can get the Anglaise patterned and sewn by then to wear. I lack any sort of drive for sewing at the moment, maybe a deadline could help with that. I would also like to have some sketches of custom pieces I could create for Hidden Dirk ready for that event as well but again there isn't a whole lot of outside pressure forcing me to do it. If I want this to work out I really need some sort of business plan or concept with which someone can hold me accountable. Hmm... I need to think about this some more and see what comes of it. All of it is so fuzzy and undefined that I find it difficult to put down into words.


Oct. 4th, 2010

- Erzuli doesn't have cancer, but the vet doesn't have any other information other than keep an eye on her and bring her in to get the stitches out in about a week

- It's well and truly fall, nights in the high forties, days anywhere from high fifties to the seventies. I've dug out my sweatshirts and have noticed that I am woefully out of long sleeve t-shirts for layering....

- Now that the gloves are finished I've been working on a blackwork design for a biscornue to use as a pin cushion for what will eventually be a small somewhat period sewing kit.

- The 1780's stays are slowly progressing. I have a working pattern finally and am currently waiting for the fabric to arrive to color match the thread. I'm going to use a combination of 1/4" plastic boning and split reed caning. We'll see how it works.

First complete knitting project

DSCF1467, originally uploaded by textile_owl.

Well, here it is. My first actual knitting that are items of clothing rather than samples. The first one is not as pretty as this one, but I'm ok with that. The next pair should be a little longer too.

The pattern is linked below.


Items of importance on a Monday

Lots of people on my friends lists have been doing lists as posts and since I haven't actually posted since July I thought it might be the easiest way to catch you all up on the various things that have been happening.

1. This weekend was the Library of Congress National Bookfest. We manage character photo lines for the PBS characters. It's one of the few days I'm in DC and I don't see much more than the inside of a tent and lots of sweaty actors and equally sweaty costumes. 

2. It was hot. 93 degrees in September. Thank the gods for portables a/c units.

3. I have an agreement with a local reenactment store to create custom 18th century pieces for their customers. I need to touch base with them on this.

4. My sister and her daughter moved to Columbus for school. I've forgotten how much energy little kids have.

5.  We went to O-ren on Labor Day. Probably the only day we get to go this year. Jeff had people interested in custom work. Now if only they would contact him

6. Dr Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog the full length musical production is postponed to December. We are now currently fundraising to the the theatre up and running to be able to put on the show.

7. This involves a cabaret-style show revue in October.

8. One of our cats most likely has cancer. We took her in for what we hoped was just a reoccurance of a bladder infection. We're waiting for a biopsy to confirm.
What do you mean my birthday was last week?!

It's been a busy July, though there's not much to show for it.  Work ramped up in June and July to the point where I'm praying that costumes come in early or as a last resort telling  stations to charge shipping to us just to get the costumes in on time only to wash, dry and toss the back into the shipping truck. Thankfully, once August hits, the quantity dies down for a bit, though I have not yet had a costume not make it to the station on time which is better than last year for certain.

There have been a couple of opportunities that have cropped up in the "making things" world, once they decide to pan or not pan out I will probably mutter about them here.

Jun. 30th, 2010

This may  not be completely coherent, and I apologize for that but it needs to be said.

What is the difference between these two sentences??

On Monday, the State of Ohio legally recognized the marriage of Jeff and Jessica.

Jeff and I got married on Monday.

The first sentence is what happened, the second is how people are conveying what happened. The problem is, Jeff and I have considered ourselves married for at least a year - closer to two. Only since the 2004 election does the State have to actually recognize this union as a binding contract, which gave us no options as to determining our own personal and private relationship with each other and having it affect the aspects of life that benefit from the legal marriage : insurances, medical decisions such as DNR and other serious issues.

This has caused people all over to congratulate us, Jeff's sister (SIL) to berate us for not inviting people to what we consider a private decision, and a general feeling of hypocrisy to permeate myself. I was already married, long before we decided to go to the court house. Why is this simple meeting with a judge any more significant than the five years I have been in a relationship with Jeff? Three of those years we have been committed to each other and while not exclusive - in the belief that we were spending the rest of our lives together, planning on raising children and healthy relationships with the people we love/ will love.

I hate the feeling that this was the only way to protect our own interests. That there is no option for us but marriage because we certainly don't trust family ( though mostly Jeff's) to understand our beliefs enough to respect them and protect them even when we disagree. And that, in the long run would have been a dangerous thing to trust to them. Jeff's health isn't fantastic, and accidents happen, we both wanted people we could trust in the corner should decisions like DNR's become required.

And another thing. You do not insult a person in the same argument when you are trying to convince them you are right and they are wrong. It will make your argument invalid for bringing your personal opinion of the person into the conversation. No amount of perseverance, playing nice or apologies will ever make me believe you again once I understand how you really think of me. I will be polite and respectful but your opinion no longer matters, if it ever did. You've become the bully, and I don't allow them into my life. Not anymore.
Is it July yet??

*sigh* Not that July looks like it's turning out to be any less busy than June has become. My awesome group of friends decided sometime during the end of the year last year to put together a dance and music show for a local community theatre. The choreographer of the group has been working with the theatre almost since its inception and the director asked her to "create" a show. And Create we did, much to the surprise of the director. Nearly all of the music was written in house, and all of the choreography. The show goes up next Thursday  runs to Saturday and again the next week.  I dance in three of the pieces and am glad to, my body may be cranky with me because it is so out of shape but even in the last couple of weeks of four day a week practices I can tell it doesn't hurt as badly as it used to though I'm still dying  and out of breath by the end of the last piece.

In those weeks was Marcon, which was a lot of fun. I got to meet a lot of very awesome people, put faces to lj names, and a possible dress commission that I'll talk about in a minute.  I am still surprised, given how busy I've been that I managed to make the dress I posted the picture of. I'm not sure how I managed it, given I can barely get any writing done this week.

Now dress commission! Eee!! I've ordered swatches and am scaring my delivery guys at work by waiting for them but none have shown up yet. I have a contract to write up, which is most of what I need to do but need Jeff to active beta while I'm working on it. And since we don't get home until after 10 due to rehearsals most nights, and I haven't been able to work on it at work, the contract has been sitting there waiting for me to poke at it and make it cohesive. My deadline for the dress is the end of August, so I have some time, but I want to get everything hammered out quickly due to the excitement and am failing that because of the show schedule. Boo. The commission is fairly straight forward, it'll be finding the right colors and then the patterning that will be the difficult parts though not difficult in the scale of things I can do, just in the project.

In other news, the cats are still clingy, the apartment is a mess and with the messy break-up of Jeff's girlfriend last month he's not been sleeping well and neither have I.

Rainbow after a wicked thunderstorm

Just to the left is a faint double. This is just after the tornado sirens stopped tonight.

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Marcon on Saturday

DSC_0068, originally uploaded by Fold In Progress.

Here is the orange and pink fluffy dress that has been on the list for about a year. Done and finished.


Apr. 29th, 2010

 I discovered today, after several month of sewing virtually nothing, that I can make a new accessory in under three hours. The blue and brown dress is (finally!) having it's debut at U-Ren this Saturday. I made it two years ago and have worn it to the Ohio Renaissance Festival once, if I recall correctly. Any way, the original stomacher for the gown doesn't fit the gap that is now required to fit correctly, so today I made a new one. It looks ok, I played with a cording techique that I've wanted to do for a while and it makes me want to play some more with the effect I can get with it. 

Making the stomacher was a good use of the time alone without being stressful and reminded me that yes, having time to myself means having the table and sewing machine to myself as well! 

Now to use that time to read Feed by Mira Grant and possibly scare myself silly. I haven't decided ( I'm about 120 pages in ) how scary the book actually is yet, but the world that is built is certainly one that has me rethinking things that I thought I would never reconsider...like which pets I would want around in the next 30 years.
So, I've friended a bunch of people this week. Hi, there! You can friend me back if you like, or not - I won't be offended. I post so erratically, but read every day so whatever works for you is fine by me. 

Ummm, I had to run away to look at an event venue for work and I completely lost my train of thought and how I wanted this post to go. Sorry about that.

I really just wanted to say to the new people, so "Hi!" At some point I hope to be more coherent.
We have too much stuff. And it's partly my fault. In the continued effort of organizing our apartment and trying to make a one bedroom flat store the same amount that the two bedroom townhouse with basement did, I concede that having the loveseat and the futon in the living room takes up too much space. The loveseat needs to go, it's a unitasker for all that it is comfortable and sits high. I complain that the futon is too low to move from, but mostly I'm lazy and need to be more flexible. We need the space that the futon currently lives in to have a place for the sewing machine, or at least for storage. Maybe move the desk that the TV is on over there and find something not as bulky for the tv and media equipment? Or is the desk too high to comfortably sew on? The serger could go on the typewriter shelf!! This bears more discussion with Jeff once he sees this.  Hmm, maybe the tv could go back on the little table and the treadle could become the side table ....or vice versa with the treadle as the tv stand....

We need to go through the fabric, cull and organize. Or at least ponder projects to use the fabric we have. I had the brief thought of using the box of samples in a quilt or something similar. ( This is your fault, skylark913 ! You and your invasive quilting habits!) It would knock out a bunch of them rather quickly. Boxes need to be aquired that fit the shelving and can hold quantities of fabric. The current underbed boxes we have don't fit well at all. And the cats will fur everything up if we don't box it up. All I can find on fabric storage is usually geared towards small quantities of fabric, quilters and the like or of unlimited space to store bulk fabric. We don't have the space for rolls of fabric, not and make it easily accessible. It'll take some playing and actual determination to do make things organized. It's been hard having the energy to work on it, but I'm going to try and change that.

In other organizing news, we got the bookshelves up in the living room, the kitchen shelves up and in there we also put up metal shelving, like what people usually put in their closets, in between the two cabinets we have. They overhang the sink and now our drying dishes can drip into the sink and not clutter up the countertop! It has been a delight to have that space back, although I don't know quite what to do with it yet.  The bookshelves still need some sorting, maybe a couple of shallower shelves for the paper backs.

It's looking like the budding relationship that was developing over the fall is a bust, at least for me. She's fallen hard for Jeff and out of interest with me. So much so, that she isn't even speaking to me. I'm apparently obnoxious and disliked, having been compared to a tv ( noisy, distracting and interfering) so much so that even trying to like me for Jeff's sake is not worth it. Talk about making a girl feel unloved. By the time I am willing to make any relationship work with her, she's given up and deemed it too hard. I guess we'll see how this works out eventually, Jeff still hopes something will work but he's also fallen pretty hard for her, even through the smoke and mirrors she puts up so that what we see of her is hid away so much even he is unsure of her feelings toward him.

In the workplace, I'll have been working here for a year on Friday. Which is awesome, I'm relatively secure in my position here and as long as this year continue better than last, I hope to continue working here for a long time. My review is tomorrow, I'm kinda excited and yet scared to see what the bosses are going to say. It's routine enough that I can prepare for the catastrophes that happen every once in a while, but not too stressful or boring. We're still planning on moving the office by April, but we haven't found a place yet that really fits. March is gearing up to be pretty busy, there are a couple of large events that happen all in the third weekend which will make logistics hilariously scary to deal with. Half of our office will be away and the world is bound to explode that weekend.

From Jeff and this website

Best Occupational Category



Self-Control, Practical, Self-Contained, Orderly, Systematic, Precise, and Accurate

These conservative appearing, plotting-types enjoy organizing, data systems, accounting, detail, and accuracy. They often enjoy mathematics and data management activities such as accounting and investment management. Persistence and patience allows them to do detailed paperwork, operate office machines, write business reports, and make charts and graphs.

Suggested careers are Administrator, Secretary, Printer, Paralegal, Building Inspector, Bank Cashier, Private Secretary, Statistician, Operations Manager, Financial Analyst, Bookkeeper, Medical Records Technician, Developer of Business or Computer Systems, Clerical Worker, Proofreader, Accountant, Administrative Assistant, Banker, Certified Public Accountant, Credit Manager, Store Salesperson, Actuary, Dental Assistant, Business Education Teacher, Food Service Manager, IRS Agent, Budget Analyst, and Underwriter.

Your very careful, conscientious, conservative nature gives others the confidence to trust you with handling money and material possessions. Structured organizations that have well-ordered chains of command work best for you.

Suggested Organizer workplaces are large corporations, business offices, financial lending institutions, banks, insurance companies, accounting firms, and quality control and inspection departments.

2nd Best Occupational Category

You're a DOER


Emotionally Stable, Reliable, High Energy, Practical, Thrifty, and Persistent

These adventurous types prefer action-oriented, concrete problems rather than dealing with thought-provoking, ambiguous, abstract dilemmas. Fields of interest include mechanical, construction, and outdoor careers. They might also enjoy working with machines, tools, and equipment to repair or build something.

I keep meaning to post. So here I am forcing myself to do so.

Last week was spent in Washington DC at the DC Auto Show. The company I work for is hired to run and manage Playland. We drove down on Monday, set-up Tuesday and then did office work during the mornings and had characters running about on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday in the evenings. Saturday was slow because of the snow, but it was about a 12 hour day for us. Sunday was better, busier and we were done by 6 and completely loaded back up by 10:30.

You can see photos of the show and Playland at the official photographer's website. The hardest part of the whole week was being away from home for the whole week. 

It was rough, but worth the huge paycheck I received for it. That will go towards shelves and the continued organization of our apartment.

3 month update

I really need to get back in the habit of posting.

I can go back over the last couple of months in detail, but that would take the rest of my day.

In short, we are moved in to the correct apartment. A small chunk of stuff is still upstairs, mostly clothing and things that need to be trashed. Hopefully, this week will see all this moved too, once the drums find a more permanent place than in front of our dressers.

The holidays were stressful, but now they are over. Things are being forced back into routine, though we haven't yet managed to plan our meals. We have a close friend who may be more, once she figures herself out and, while I hate to say it - grows up a little bit more.

I have purchased almost everything I need (still need shoes!) for a new dress. 1950's party gown in pink and orange...it should be interesting since I have almost no skin color at the moment. The goal is to have it done for Marcon. I hope to make another post about it later this week.

My boss gave me a new harddrive this week for my computer and now I have access to previously blocked websites. It makes work so much more exciting! Well, until I exhaust my bookmarks and then have to get to being productive. But! Access! I have also been here for nearly a year! The last month was slow all around but next week is the DC Auto Show, which we are managing a very small part of, and it is essentially the kick-off of our busy season. So next week I'll be in DC, missing Madrigal for the first time ever.

And now I think I am mostly up to speed and can now update as it happens.


rey I think steve should have one in his van for rpg



bud waiting

The State of the Jess

I haven't done a true update in quite sometime. This post is more thorough than I've been. I will try to be more open in the future, in hope that things are more clear and less on Jeff to interpret my feelings to others. This is somewhat in response to his post last week, but I hope to continue writing my thoughts down in order to be more precise.

I didn"t realize quite how long this was, so here you go.Collapse )



Jeff in a box


Test post

Testing an email post to see if I can actually update this tomorrow at work
since they have blocked regular access. bleh

Update on the dentistry

Last week I went to the dentist after dealing with pain all weekend. She couldn't find anything wrong but strongly recommended a root canal on the front tooth. She prescribed a week's worth of penicillin, and a light does of Vicodin, did a bit of filing on the back of the front tooth to see if that would affect anything (it did, almost immediately I could feel the difference) and sent me on my way. My insurance won't cover any root canals or other oral surgery until I've been covered for a year, so even if it was clearly an abscessed tooth I would have to pay for it out of pocket.

The hydro-condone wasn't really doing a whole lot to keep the pain down, in addition to wanting a second opinion so I set up an appointment with an Internal Medicine doctor. I've been needing to do this since the insurance was approved so not too big a deal. I schedule the appointment for Thursday and wake up the morning of with about a third of my face swollen from the middle of my nose to the inner corner of my right eye and across that cheek. It makes me feel so much better that I was going to the doctor. I go, the doctor is nice and has personality, she asked questions and listened. She decided that it was a sinus infection, gave me a prescription for some stronger antibiotics and recommended Ibprofen for the swelling and pain. They also took a couple of x-rays of my face to make certain of the sinus infection.

So throughout the weekend things get better, the swelling goes down and I prove that the pain is manageable with ibprofen every hour or so. I'm currently finishing up the round of antibiotics and am not taking any pain meds. There is still a bit of swelling along the front of my mouth, which isn't noticeable from the outside but obvious from the inside as my lip and gum don't seam together. but have a little ledge where it's still swollen. The spot between my lip and nose is still sort of tender, and if I push enough on it, I'll get throbbing through my front tooth.

I get a call today from the doctor's office. They've looked at my x-rays and it seems my sinus look okay, but I have an impacted third molar. I only have one wisdom tooth (it seems my mouth is small enough that the others never developed) and of course it decides to impact.

So I have a fourth dentist appointment in five weeks tomorrow to see what can be done about it. I have a feeling this also will not be covered by my insurance.


The cold I've had since Monday presented itself with an entirely new symptom that just makes me want to pull my teeth out. Now, I'm used to having sensitive teeth; cavities and the following fillings along with the new crown have made my mouth very susceptible to pain from all things sweet, hot and cold. It's something I've learned to tolerate very well. This new pain, however, can make me want to cry as it starts. It starts as a dull ache that spreads out from my right incisor  and blooms along the cheekbone and jaw until I can feel it in my lower jaw. It's enough that I have to remember to breath throughout, and then it just dissipates faster than it took to build.

It's not actually my teeth, I know because after the pain stops my teeth don't hurt at all. I've been able to drink things that usually set off the sensitivity in my front tooth, and while my crown still aches a little it's not painful to chew on like before I had the dentist fix the bite.

Plus Psuedoephedrine does seem to kill it for about four hours. I took two at 7:15 when I woke up, and at 11 the pain started up again, to fade and have a second shock wave. Two more and we'll see where we are at 3 pm.

I'm giving it until Monday, if it doesn't stop then I'm headed to a doctor.
Well, let's see the last actual post was on.....Aug 6th, wow. 

We're completely moved out of the old apartment. We even managed to turn in the keys a day early. The managing company ended up being a little pushier than we put up with, so we didn't clean the apartment quite as well as we should have. Oh well, it wasn't as if we were getting that security deposit back, what with Evander's loving care to the door frames. He isn't as bad as a teething puppy, but wow he can inflict some damage.

So, in the new intermediate apartment, where there is very little space for people and cats for all the boxes at the moment but as we get more settled I think we can manage to make it home for the month or so it takes to finish up the actual apartment. The last thing to be transferred over is the Gas account, which won't be shut off at the old place until tomorrow, and then won't be turned on at the new place until the 3rd. 

For all the moving, we've been pushing to be more social and so several good things have come out of it.. Trivia nights down at Claddaugh, Python nights at     's , and hopefully more nights at the WIld Goose Creative. Jeff and I went to a concert there, a father who plays late fifties folk music, and his son who is the lead singer for Common Shiner . It was fantastic. The music was great, the father told stories in folk fashion and his son's music was very reminescent of Bare Naked Ladies with a little more soul. I'm sure it sounds very different with a full band behind him but  Morgan Foster did a set that made me wish we had recorded it.

But back to Wild Goose Creative, there seems to be a Stitch and Bitch every Tuesday, the girls said it was mostly knitters but would welcome any needlework so anyone want to join up for a Tuesday to stitch and hang out? It'll give me one more day to work on my pocket project, which lately is only getting worked on when we go to Jeff's parents for dinner. His mom has a floor stand that makes stitching so much easier.  I'm almost done with the greens, when you do a floral scene there are a lot of greens. I'll try to post a picture before too much longer.

September looks to be a full and interesting month. O-Ren starts back up, which means Jeff loses all Saturdays since his boss helps run a booth down there.  On the fifth, we're going to the New Boston Faire out in Springfield. It's one of the larger 18th century reenactments on the west side of Ohio that aren't almost in Michigan. We went two years ago and enjoyed it, so off to see it again.  No dressing up this year though, with the sewing machines packed up. The 19th is whisperwheel 's and knightvln 's wedding (crap, I need something to wear!). The 20th is the Ohio Steampunk's Invasion of O-Ren. September is also the busiest fall month at work, we already have most of the costumes that I work with booked and two major events that are going to need some major staffing and I may get to go to DC. We hash all that out next week, I believe. OSU starts back up late September and so does Guild which means we may lose a large chunk of our social group to dealing with newbies and schoolwork.  

Ok, that was more than I had planned on bringing up but it happens when you're procrastinating.

For Seanan

In C-bus Ohio!
For Seanan


As of right now, roughly half of our possessions have been moved to the new apartment. Actually, they've been moved to the apartment above the one we will eventually live in. Today, my brother and sister drove up from Dayton to help pack, and wow, that was helpful. We finished off the living room ( most of it had been packed up on Sunday) and then moved downstairs to tackle the ever-growing pile of leather that Jeff has acquired over the years. It was quite a feat, taking two loads of my brother's Bronco and the Camry.

The apartment has taken a bit longer to revive than anticipated, the wear and tear of an old man living in the same space for 11 years, who neglected to tell them of leaks and issues like termites makes a big mess. Jeff tore down ceilings in the kitchen and bathroom, though that one mostly fell on him, as  well as the back wall of the bedroom last week. Saturday we made a party of it and put drywall up on the ceilings. Sunday my mom and step-dad came up and helped me pack up the living area and move some of the larger things first, along with the help of an awesome friend while Jeff started stuccoing the back wall back into place. Monday was more stucco, Tuesday and Wednesday I went to work and did working things. I feel bad only working 2 days, but it was really needed. I'll just have to make up for it in September. Work is great, they tend to understand emergencies like this and I try to leave them very little to screw up when I'm not there.

This weekend is the Salt Fork Festival out in Cambridge. It's a festival we've been vending at now for three years so we're pretty comfortable with going there and hanging out for three days. There shouldn't be too much drama.

Jul. 21st, 2009

We are home safely from Bristol. It was a good weekend with a friend and her family. I am still processing the things I learned at Bristol, since we can't go to any renaissance festival without analyzing it to death. I wish we could have gone the entire weekend - one day in nobles and the other in something less fantastic. The dynamics of our interactions with people, patrons and cast, would have been very different.

On our way home, Pyr received a call from our landlord stating that we are  moving at the end of August because they have someone interested in the apartment. So, we're moving. It's not like we weren't planning on it anyway, but since Pangolin had to move her shop there hasn't been any work on the apartments and now we have to get the one we want into a liveable state, pack, sort, throw away, and move all of our things plus five cats in 6 weeks around work and an Art festival in August where Pyr and Pan are vending. There won't be much time for sewing it seems.

On top of this, I managed to not properly balance my laptop on the couch this morning and it fell, breaking the ac dc power jack so it is currently rattling around in the case. I'm taking it apart tonight to see how bad the break is, but for now I am computer-less at home- which should be ok since I have to pack up our apartment while Pyr and his dad work on the new apartment. It's going to make for a fun rest of the summer.

A peek at why I've been silent this month!

DSCF1299, originally uploaded by textile_owl.

So this weekend, we're taking a trip to the Bristol Renaissance Festival. What a wonderful excuse to remake an old gown! After all, I can't very well afford to make one from scratch at the moment and I wasn't very satisfied with how the gown turned out initially.

So using four years more experience, and unfortunately four years of a shape change, I reworked Penelope Arden's gown into something a bit more showy. I only purchased a couple of yards of the blue/red taffeta you see here, everything else was in the gown originally and there are also sleeves to go with, but I have no photos of those yet, having only just finished up the hems this evening.

More pictures are clickable through the photo, and a more thorough explanation will hopefully come around as well with complete ensemble photos!

Pssst demonqueen666

Over here they are selling a Demona figurine. Just thought you might want to know.

This is mostly going to be spewing thoughts, as I am currently waiting for UPS and Fedex to show up with their deliveries.

Health Insurance - I've been dropped from my mom's health insurance because I graduated, it is only a matter of time before my dad's is gone too so it is time to do research and find something that works for me. My job is not full time and doesn't look to be becoming so in the near future. It is steady at about 32- 35 hours a week but I have a feeling it may drop back down to 25 in the winter when we don't have quite as much work. And while Jeff's insurance does allow for domestic partners, it would pull a hell of a lot of money out of his paycheck and it isn't the most useful insurance. I must admit to having been spoiled for health insurance, between the military and Mom being a nurse at Good Sam, we had pretty awesome insurance there for a while, at least as far as I could tell. I perused the eHealthInsurance website this morning and its little algorithm came up with 4 options for someone my age and ability to pay etc. So now  to figure out what I want and need for coverage. The monthly prices aren't bad, all under $100, copays are $25-35, deductibles are all $2500, but wow there is a lot I don't understand.


Penelope - I'm nearly finished with the new farthingale, having put the last of the boning channels and the ruffle on last night. All that needs to be done today is put in the boning. Next up - seeing how much of the skirt can be turned into sleeves and side panels, as well as seeing how well the bodice fits with the new stays. I have just over a motnh to finish this. Eep!

Marcon 45 - Since hearing that seananmcguire  is the Filk GOH next year, I've decided to go to Marcon and this, of course, requires new costumes. The theme next year is zombies... and while I like the idea of zombies I don't want to dress up as one. So the thought then is mad scientist or doctor. White vinyl lab coat, green corset of yet to be determined design and some sort of pants. Skirts aren't very pratical in the lab while dealing with zombies, nor in the process of attacking/running away from them. Maybe some sort of pinstripe trouser. Jeff always asks about the character.... and I suck at character development  so I'm going to try and work on that. After all, people will expect personas if you are cosplaying.  I've also thought about being Rose Marshall, from Pretty Little Dead Girl, but I haven't been able to find a description for her so I'm not certain I could pull it off. I must delve some more before I decide. If not, a pretty 50's style dead girl will still work.

Marigold - This is what I wore to Faire this year. I like the pieces on their own, but they didn't quite create a whole outfit when together. I felt really out of place beside Sylvain so I need to make something that fits beter with Jeff's satyr .... I didn't realize this until I started writing this post so I don't really have ideas yet.... And more on that character development issue.

I think that's it for this post... there are other things to discuss but not right now


Mushroom cookies!


Bristol Renaissance Festival

An update for those not friended on Facebook, Jeff and I ( and others! like ezazahaz who may be providing us Ohioians with crash space at her parents, yay!) will be driving up on the 18th of July, visiting Bristol on Sunday the 19th and driving back on Monday.

Let us know if you're going to be there!

The shiny new machine in all its glory

DSCF1246, originally uploaded by textile_owl.

Isn't it pretty?


It works fabulously. I need more time to spend on sewing projects.

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