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Kickstart 3/30 Hooping

I bought a hoop in September. You know, one of those brightly colored plastic rings that you could buy when we were little. Of course, this one is more me-sized, coming right to my navel and a little on the small side for beginners apparently. But it's bright blue, green and dark blue and a lot of fun to play with, even if I feel like a big dork.

So far, a lot of my hooping has been private and in short bursts, either outside when it's been nice, or inside and in cramped spaced below the ceiling and beside the futons. The cats are suspicious of the flying tubing.

I've been combing through the youtube videos and the online communities of hooping.org and hoopcity.ca. Both are wonderful sites that have an insane amount of information. There are so many different styles of hooping, and it all depends on how your body moves and what you want it to look like.

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